Are You Protected?

It makes no sense to let people steal your most important and valuable business assets.

We help business owners and entrepreneurs increase the value of their business by getting government protection on their best ideas.

Take a moment and think, if someone stole your intellectual property today, how would that change your business and what could you do about it? Who is relying on you to keep that from happening?


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Chris Salter
Chris SalterAllegro Multimedia
JP Webb got 25 patent claims allowed and basically saved my IP and possibly my company. They give me clear guidance and suggestions. Because JP Webb cares, I trust them.
Wen Boley
Wen BoleySunflower IP, LLC
Jason puts people and his clients first, above making money. The most impressive thing about JP Webb is high integrity and transparency.
Chris Collins
Chris CollinsAmerican Design Co
JP Webb takes the scariness out of dealing with legal issues. I feel that JP Webb has a great balance which isn't always easy to find.
Melissa Ortega
Melissa Ortega
What impresses me most is the efficiency. They always get back to me within a day, which I love. If I have a question, Jason always seems to be able to answer it. At JP Webb they are more personable than having to go to a normal law office.
Lorand Szojka
Lorand SzojkaJITR, Inc.
Jason made it really easy to understand what protection is appropriate for the size of the business that I am, at the stage I am at. They made very complex things easy to understand.
Dustin Nay
Dustin NayYea-Nay Marketing, Inc.
Can I just say, you guys are amazing! The words 'nice' 'friendly' and 'helpful' don't usually come to mind when you say 'lawyer,' but you guys certainly exude those characteristics. Thank you!
Adam Heller
Adam, LLC
I rest assured knowing the intellectual value of our business is protected.
Mark Hale
Mark HaleHires Big H
Philip's timely help with many crucial decisions regarding copyright and trademark has helped us meet our corporate goals.