Dispute Resolution

The ICC estimates that counterfeits/knockoffs do about 1 billion dollars in business a day.

Is someone tricking your customers and stealing from your company?

What could you do to stop it if it happened?

Using state, federal, and international laws, we have stopped the sale of counterfeit goods in the US, China, Europe and elsewhere. This helps helps our clients boost sales while protecting profit margins and brand loyalty.

We have also ripped domains out of the hands of squatters so that critical online traffic would continue, keeping revenue flowing.

We’ve helped on both sides of the employer/employee question of who owns creative rights.

We’ve protected the creative rights of inventors from overreaching employee agreements.

We’ve also stopped ex-employees/partners from inappropriately and unfairly copying protected company IP.

In pursuing infringement claims for our clients, we have:

· secured triple damage settlement payments from infringing multinational companies,
· signed up infringers as licensees, and
· shut down retail and online sales of infringing products

In defending from infringement claims for our clients, we have protected our clients from frivolous infringement claims (e.g. trolls) and negotiated mutual existence agreements to keep companies with similar brands safe.

We’ve also had experiences with litigating our own IP, so we understand how that can be. We know that the win is great, but the process can be pretty rough.