Philip Matthews


Philip’s background in Political Science and Economics helps him see the bigger picture for his clients, which helps them get more out of their business. He has helped clients secure strong international trademark portfolios, found creative solutions to protect products that otherwise could not be protected, negotiated very favorable settlements for clients in many circumstances, and has taught clients how to implement IP policing systems and processes. Most of his work involves:

  • trademarks
  • copyrights
  • trade secrets
  • licensing, and
  • enforcement of IP rights.

Philip often attends, teaches, and/or speaks at business conferences and trade shows of all types. His practical advice and no-nonsense approach to teaching, skips the boring parts and dives straight into what matters. Examples of his platforms, include:

  • Agenda
  • The Winter/Summer Outdoor Retailer Shows
  • SnowSports Industries America
  • ISPO
  • CEO Space
  • Magic
  • New York Gift

speaking about various topics, like:

  • Intellectual Property and Product Development
  • International Trademark Protection
  • Creative Use of Trademarks to Protect Product Design
  • Panels and Discussion Groups

Philip prefers to have meetings on mountain bikes and can fix pretty much anything. He and his wife have two children who inherited his negotiating skills. His big picture thinking helps his clients avoid problems and allows him to find innovative legal solutions. He loves the outdoors and is always building something cool.


  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science, with a Minor in Economics from the University of Utah. Dean’s List.
  • Juris Doctorate degree from the Gonzaga University School of Law. Merit Scholarship recipient.

Admissions and Memberships:

  • Utah State Bar
  • U.S. District Court District of Utah

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