Colors and Trademarks

Looks are everything.  Sorry, kind of superficial, but it’s true.  Color specific trademarks are becoming more common, whether for chocolate, jewelry, sports products, or shoes.   Colors […]

The Incredible Value of Copyright Registration

Automatic copyright comes into play as soon as you create something that is in a fixed form. If you draw or paint something, record or write […]

Not Skirting This Issue – Patent Protection for Apparel

I visit about 4-5 outdoor specific trade shows every year, and the most common issue complained of is intellectual property protection for apparel.  Generally, protection for apparel is […]

Protecting Trade Dress – Apple Store Configuration

Apple registered their store configuration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). With this registration Apple obviously hopes to keep others from copying the […]

Genericide – Trademark

From time to time I read lawyerly things such as thick leather bound books with language most English speakers don’t understand (had to include an Anchorman […]

Keep Your Pants On – Fashion IP

There are many options for protecting apparel, but you need to be open to thinking outside of the box. Design patent protection is not common in […]

Green Day’s Transforming Use – Copyright

Bottom line, allegedly infringing work must contain a new expressive message or content. Plaintiff Derek Seltzer sued Green Day after his “Scream Icon” (a drawing depicting a […]

Gray Market, or is it Grey Market – Copyright

I’m not sure which could put me to sleep faster, reading a text book or reading a legal opinion about copyright infringement of text books. The […]

Revenue Streams

Increase Cash Flow Licensing is a tried and true business model that makes companies billions of dollars every year, typically with only minor upkeep and expenses. […]

Ten Reasons to Protect Your Intellectual Property

Sometimes people point out that it can cost $250,000 – $2,000,000 to sue someone for violating your patent or trademark.  Those people never seem to have that […]

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